About Us

At Neox Auto, we have a belief that technology can serve humanity good. Ever since our founding, we've operated with a goal in mind: keeping people safe on the road by utilizing the latest technology.

The team at Neox Auto is comprised of true car enthusiasts. While we love driving and love our cars, we do realize that driving could be made safer by integrating multiple advanced devices to extend the driver's awareness, thereby avoiding accidents proactively.

No matter where you're going, on the way to work or on a road trip with your family, we wish our products can be the trustworthy companions you can always rely on. Let us worry about the what if situations so you can have a peace of mind on the road.

Company Name:

Ji Nan Bian Xian Bao Hu Lian Wang Ke Ji You Xian Gong Si


Company Address:

Room 1205, 

157 Shanda Rd., Lixia Dist.,

Jinan, Shandong Provience,