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[BEST DEAL] AutoTab Pro Infotainment Hub is the feature packed all-in-one companion that will make your every drive safer and more enjoyable.

Unlike a traditional head unit, no professional installation is needed. The Plug & Play design of AutoTab Pro means that having the power of Apple Play and Android Auto in your vehicle is hassle-free and much more affordable.

With AutoTab Pro's seamlessly intergration with the car stereo, your can now have the state-of-the-art infotainment system that every family member can enjoy. While the dual-band GPS and reverse camera keep you informed and safe.

Watch the video below to get an overview of AutoTab Pro

Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Currently, the only option to upgrade your vehicle's infotainment system is to install a brand new head unit, which, with labor included, can cost you up to $2000 and days of waiting.

With AutoTab Pro, you can now enjoy the power of wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto without breaking the bank.

By having AutoTab Pro in your vehicle, you can use a wide range of apps(Google maps, Waze, Spotify etc.), receive calls and messages, listen to audio books and podcasts, all on AutoTab Pro's 7-inch touch screen.

Voice Controlled GPS Navigator

Your AutoTab Pro is also a powerful Vocie Controlled GPS Navigator. With dual-band GPS antenna, it can provide super accurate positioning for all your navigation needs, replacing traditional GPS navigators.

The included Google Maps and Waze provides far superior navigation features than traditional navigators. You can view real-time traffic, view point of interests, and much more on your AutoTab Pro.

With built-in mic, you can ask Siri or Google Assistance to set a destination, reply to a text message, or receive hand-free calls. All so you can keep your eyes on the road, and focus on the desitination ahead.

Backup Camera with Guide Lines

You can spec your AutoTab Pro with a waterproof wide-angle backup camera. When you put your vehicle in reverse, the rear view image will show up automatically on your AutoTab Pro, along with guide lines.

AUX Input and Bluetooth 5.0

If you don't feel like using Apple Carplay or Android Auto, you can still connect your phone to your AutoTab Pro using AUX cable or Bluetooth, giving you unlimited music choices.

High Fidelity Audio Output

AutoTab Pro won't be the infotainment powerhouse without the ability to play great music through your vehicle's stereo system. There are two ways to for AutoTab Pro to play music through your vechile's stereo:

-- connect your AutoTab Pro to your vechile's AUX input with the included cable

-- Use your veichle's FM radio to receive FM audio signal transmitted by AutoTab Pro

Fast USB Charging

Currently, the only way to charge your phone in your vehicle, is to buy a cigarette lighter converter. Now, with the Fast built-in USB charging ports on your AutoTab Pro, you can charge your phone the same way its charged at home with a wall charger.

Universal & Hassle-Free

Unlike a traditional head unit, you don't need a professional to install AutoTab Pro, which saves big on labor costs. Simply secure the unit onto your dash or windscreen with the suction lock, then adjust the angle to your liking.

The universal design means that AutoTab Pro can be installed on any vehicle. From a compat JDM to a full-size truck, everyone can enjoy what the latest technology has to offer.

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If you need is simply bringing CarPlay and / or Android Auto to a car without it, this device is the best. Simple to set up and works flawlessly every time. It even supports AA's new Cool Walk split screen feature.

Not much more to say. It's like I have a factory Android Auto screen in my old truck. Very pleased thus far. The screen is responsive and clear. Better than using my phone and safer too.

Such a great alternative if you have an older car but don’t want a new car just for apple car play!!!

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In fact, we're so confident that you'll love your AutoTab Pro, we decide to make it a completely no-brainer for you. If for any reason you're not happy with your Boost Pro Jump Start Pack, we will refund 100% of your purchase price within 180 days, and let you keep your Boost Pro, No question asked. That's 100% Money-Back Satisfaction guarantee for 180 Days!

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The answer to your question is YES. The moment you put the car in reverse the camera will immediately display the rear facing camera image on the mirror (granted you installed the rear camera piece on the back of your car) and regardless of you wiring or not the rear camera to display the park assist yellow lines.

Not at all, super easy, take your time and yes YouTube will help search your make, model and year how to install and it's a breeze. By fare the best camera I've ever seen and owned. Better than the dealership pre installed cameras. 

You can either mount it inside on the top of the windshield of the car or outside the car above car plate. 

Oh, absolutely! You have to be careful though because objects on the rear cam look farther away than they really are. If you hook the rear cam up to the back-up lights (which I haven't done yet but intend to), you'll prolly get a more realistic view of the trailer. I also think it depends on where you place the rear cam.

We recommend using a C10 memory card.